Gold and emerald at Visuelt!

Thursday, June 6th, this year's Visuelt awards ceremony be held. And what a party it be! 🎉

In th' category "Profilbærende Nettside", we were nominated wit' both th' website fer Snøhetta, designed by Snøhetta Design, an' our own website (yes, this one!), which we created together wit' postpost studio an' Morten Kantsø

Incredibly, our own website won th' gold! 🥳 An' it suddenly dawned on us that maybe it wasn't such a good idea t' compete against our own clients. 😱 Anyway, we were incredibly proud an' happy, especially because th' jury's comment nicely summed up what drives us. ❤️ 

"Our new website offers a celebration o' digital craftsmanship! It be refreshing in a landscape o' websites that increasingly look very similar. Th' love they have fer their own profession be obvious, both in th' visual design an' in th' thorough execution." 

We leaned back, rested on our laurels, an' thought it had been a nice evenin'. But then it be time fer special awards. An' wouldn't ye know it, th' website fer Snøhetta won th' prestigious "The Green", which be awarded t' "...a work that in a concrete an' visual way contributes t' a more sustainable world." 😵 💥 

This be beyond all expectations! 

Thanks t' th' jury! 
Thanks t' our partners! 
Thank ye! 

Thank ye!