Værsågod is a small digital agency with strong expertise in developing modern websites. We believe that websites can be visually engaging and interesting, while also being accessible and performant. 

About us

We develop websites - simple and straightforward! Front-end, back-end and everything in between. In addition, we advice our clients and partners in the initial phase of projects, and once the website is finished, we handle operations and support.

We focus a lot on design and technology - little on process. We believe that small teams with talented people produce the best results. With us, your brand is taken care of with love and respect.

Værsågod was established in 2012 and consists of three developers and one project manager, all with extensive experience from Norwegian advertising and design agencies.


  • Front and back-end development
  • Creative code
  • Content Management Systems
  • Hosting, support, and maintenance.
  • Website analysis (accessibility, performance, and technical SEO).


  • Vestre
  • Snøhetta
  • Grafill
  • Oslo-Filharmonien
  • Krogh Optikk
  • Skanska
  • Barneombudet
  • Kistefos
  • Bane NOR
  • Fjordfiesta
  • Operasjon Dagsverk
  • OBOS
  • Cinemateket
  • Leve Hytter
  • NAF

Contact us

You can easily reach us at hei@vaersaagod.no or by contacting one of the employees. Alternatively, you can visit us at Prinsens gate 18 (Oslo, Norway), on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter (we still call it Twitter).



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2022 Skanska recruitment campaign Visit
2021 Nye Kjeller Visit
2021 Vestre Habitats Visit
2021 Music Norway Visit
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2020 NAF Karriere Visit
2020 Champions Chess Tour Logogenerator Read more
2020 Barneombudet Visit
2020 Næringslivets Sikkerhetsråd Visit
2020 Waterise Visit
2020 Talormade Visit
2019 Interactive reception exhibition for Orkla Read more
2019 Laftekompaniet Visit
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2019 KIstefos Visit
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2019 Operasjon Dagsverk Visit
2019 The Adrian Brinkerhoff Poetry Foundation Visit
2019 Pudder Agency Visit
2018 Selvaag Art Collection Visit
2018 Escalia Visit
2018 Gladkokken Visit
2018 Hagen / Escalia Visit
2018 Fasett Visit
2018 Cinemateket Visit
2018 Leve Hytter Visit
2018 Norwegian Presence Visit
2017 Matvett Visit
2017 Alta Museum Visit
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2017 Grafill Visit
2016 Nordic Office of Architecture Visit
2016 Plant Flags Visit
2015 Cardo Partners Visit
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