New York, New York!

In 2012, Værsågod took its first, cautious swim in the endless sea we call the "internet". 10 years and many, many strokes later, we made a big splash, boarded the plane, and celebrated for five days in New York. 🗽

By a stroke of luck, our anniversary coincided with the Dot All conference being held in Brooklyn. The annual conference is a gathering point for developers from around the world with a common interest - Craft CMS. 

Some malicious souls would have it that this is some kind of Comic-Con for developers 🤬, but that's just nonsense - there were no costumes to observe. Just lots of nice people, three days of professional enrichment, and an amazing closing party on the rooftop of The Williamsburg Hotel. 🤩 

But first and foremost, we celebrated with lots of laughter, experiences, good food, and good drinks. 🥳


  • Williamsburg in general
  • Our very strange AirBnB
  • The rooftop terrace at The Williamsburg Hotel
  • Josh from Verbb
  • Spotted Phoebe Bridgers on the street in Brooklyn
  • Marcy Avenue subway station
  • Ferry on the East River
  • Mats dragged us to see the place where John Lennon was shot
  • Huge amounts of comfort food at the Red Rooster in Harlem
  • The trip back from Harlem

See ya, New York!