Want to see what we've built?

We've created more projects, big and small, than we can remember. But here's a handful that we do remember, and that we're especially proud of.

  • Plant Your Flag

    Since 1893, Hurtigruten has ferried travellers along the Norwegian coast. As one of Norway's leading brands – its regular route being described as "the World's Most Beautiful Sea Voyage" – it is now breaking new ground in unique nature-based adventures all around the world. "Plant your Flag" is their largest global campaign to date, and we're happy to have made the campaign's website together with Los&Co

    Our role: Front- and back-end development and hosting.

    Designed by: Los&Co

  • Cinemateket

    Cinemateket in Oslo is Norway's premiere venue for movie enthusiasts. Together with Snøhetta we built a completely new web platform that both makes the user experience for the visitors better, and also improves and simplifies the internal processes. 

    Our role: Front- og back-end development and hosting.

    Designed by: Snøhetta

  • Leve Hytter

    Renowned Norwegian design studio Bielke+Yang renewed cabin producer Leve Hytter's visual profile, and we got to build their new website.

    Our role: Front- and backend development

    Designed by: Bielke+Yang

  • Solution Seeker

    Solution Seeker is a Norwegian tech startup, leveraging AI, big data and machine learning for oil rig production optimisation. Their new website is designed by Neue and developed by us, with animation work by Void.

    Our role: Front and back end development

    Designed by: Neue Design Studio

  • Maaemo

    Norway's only three-star Michelin Guide restaurant, Maaemo, is known for their uncompromising focus on good raw produce, and their nordic inheritance. Together with Bielke&Yang we made a website that extends their philosophy onto the internet.

    Our role: Front- and back-end development, and hosting.

    Designed by: Bielke&Yang

  • Grafill

    Grafill is a norwegian interest group for everyone that works in visual communications.Together with Bleed we have worked with Grafill since 2012, and todays webpage is the result of a massive upgrade done in 2017.

    Our role: Front- og back-end development and hosting.

    Designed by: Bleed

  • Dagens Næringsliv

    When Norway's biggest financial newspaper redesigned all their magazines in the autumn of 2015, they approached us to do the online implementation. Together with Bielke&Yang and DN's team, we worked to adapt the design for web. The flexible template systems we built were implemented into their CMS by DN's own programmers and are currently in use on D2, Magasinet and Smak.

    Our role: Front-end development.

    Designed by: Bielke&Yang

  • OsloDeco

    OsloDeco is a new, Norwegian company who aims to create an interior universe where you can be both inspired, and buy the things you see. Together with Bielke&Yang we've created a super-flexible website that is both a magazine and a webshop, based on Craft and Craft Commerce.

    Our role: Front- and back-end development, support and hosting.

    Designed by: Bielke&Yang

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