Barn av Rusmisbrukere

Barn av rusmisbrukere ("Children of Substance Abusers"; BaR) work for those with parents, or others close to them, who have or have had a substance abuse problem. Together with Postpost Studio, we have created BaR's website - twice!

Barn av rusmisbrukere was founded in 2009 and has since become a nationwide user and interest organization.


  • Craft CMS (multi-site)
  • Tailwind CSS
  • GSAP

In 2018, our friends at Postpost Studio were tasked with redesigning the visual identity of Barn av rusmisbrukere, and we were invited to join the team to implement the new website.

The first version of the website was launched in early 2019. This was primarily an informational website about the organization, focusing on practical information and internal content, with a frontend rooted in a strong visual identity.

With efficient publishing tools on the backend, BaR was quickly inspired to produce more content: articles, in-depth material, and other knowledge resources on the topics the organization works with. The problem was that the solution was not designed for this type of content, and in 2021, BaR decided to undergo a major redesign of the websites.

However, there is rarely a reason to replace a winning team! The redesign job was given to Postpost, and we were naturally happy to be part of another round 🥳

Version 2 of the website is a more or less total redesign, with a completely new frontend and a range of new content modules and tools under the hood. 

With a more balanced focus on both organization and themes, and with a refined visual profile, the new website function better as BaR's primary information channel - and at the same time, the solution has become a valuable knowledge base for the topics the organization works with.

BaR Portal

In addition to the website itself, we have developed a closed portal for volunteer onboarding. The portal consists of 100% modular course programs and is built into the same publishing system as the main website.